Hi everyone.Today we will talk about our blogging experience. When the first time our English lecturer ask to manage a blog, of course we all feel so excited. During our time to create blog, the first problem that we face is to choose a blog name.Everybody have suggest their own opinion but most all of the name is already pick up by other people. There are thousand or millions blog in this world. But finally we are able to find a nice name for our blog. "Mangosteam" is selected.

We learn many new thing during our time to create a blog. From how to post a new thing until how to choose a nice template to our blog we already know how to do it. Thanks to our friend that sometime come to help us to teach a new thing.We also learn about new things like for example the hard life Somalian people where they were starving all the time and we can experience their pain during our Ramadan fasting. We hope that something can be done to help the Somalian people to decrease their suffering.

We also learn new things such as the expensive foods around the world and the top ten most beautiful mosque around the world. These things never been known before by us and this surprised us a little bit. :)

Lastly we would like to express our appreciation towards our English teacher, Madam Rosiah for giving us the opportunity to explore the blogging world. Without her, we would not known the true meaning of blogging. Thank you Madam. \( ^ o ^ )/


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