Hi everyone.Today we will talk about our blogging experience. When the first time our English lecturer ask to manage a blog, of course we all feel so excited. During our time to create blog, the first problem that we face is to choose a blog name.Everybody have suggest their own opinion but most all of the name is already pick up by other people. There are thousand or millions blog in this world. But finally we are able to find a nice name for our blog. "Mangosteam" is selected.

We learn many new thing during our time to create a blog. From how to post a new thing until how to choose a nice template to our blog we already know how to do it. Thanks to our friend that sometime come to help us to teach a new thing.We also learn about new things like for example the hard life Somalian people where they were starving all the time and we can experience their pain during our Ramadan fasting. We hope that something can be done to help the Somalian people to decrease their suffering.

We also learn new things such as the expensive foods around the world and the top ten most beautiful mosque around the world. These things never been known before by us and this surprised us a little bit. :)

Lastly we would like to express our appreciation towards our English teacher, Madam Rosiah for giving us the opportunity to explore the blogging world. Without her, we would not known the true meaning of blogging. Thank you Madam. \( ^ o ^ )/

Hello everyone

This morning I woke up and start thinking about the purpose and our main objective of study, and circle in my head one question, "do you think you can achieve  Dean's list for this semester ?".Well for me this question have different answer for everyone and for me, I have different answer before start the semester and while in the middle of the semester.For me ,everyone can be Dean's list.Grade only show how hard and consistent someone have try their best.

Friend, do you think success require luck? For me, success is 98% perspiration and 2% luck. It is more like opportunity meets preparation. If you never put in effort, how is it possible that success will come to you.Take Michael Jordan for example, do you think he is gifted with the talent to play excellent basketball?.Not at all. He became gifted in basketball because he poured in tons and tons of effort to train himself to be the greatest in it.
Well back to our question,"do you think you can achieve  Dean's list for this semester ?".As for me,my confident  level has drop from 95 percent to 80 percent after finished my first test for this semester.I think I can predict my result for this test .I am not doing my best,  study last minutes and at the top of it ,I'm not finished study for the test.I enter the examination  hall with empty mind and pray that god was on my side without trying  hard enough . But, let not give up , this is only the first test , I still have  chance and opportunities , this is only the beginning and after this I am going to do my best and always stay positive.

That’s the way it works. This is how you can achieve your goals, make your dreams come true : )

Assalamualaikum, hopefully you all still cheerful and energetic .

Most of us think semester break are time for holiday, and many of them used  this time to enter their chamber for eternal sleep .This is also a routine for us during semester break , but for this time we intended to do a positive thing during mid semester break.Before semester break start , I and my friend agreed to do something positive during semester break ,as a result we all agreed to practice "go green " and help the earth. When we have free gaps of time, the lure of the Internet, television, the refrigerator, or text messaging seem to fill this time before we even contemplate what we are doing.

We always hear the word or campaign " go green "  to help earth and preserve the environment .Actually we can make small step starting from our house.For last semester break we have make a list of small thing we can do around house to conserve energy and water,stop waste and recycle.Below is the list for saving energy 

Unplug household appliances and electronics (like the coffee maker, toaster, and cell phone charger) when they're not in use.
Even if they're not on, appliances that are plugged in use energy. In fact, as much as 40 percent of all electricity is used to power home appliances that are turned off!

Get the most out of your appliances by only washing full loads of laundry and dishes. 

Minimize how often you open the refrigerator too. And keep the fridge full-an empty fridge has to work harder to stay cool than a full one.

Remember the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle!). 

Note that recycling comes at the end of the list. The most important step toward going green is to reduce your consumption-buy less, and you'll have less to recycle.Then, of course, there's recycling. Recycle everything you possibly can-plastic, paper, bottles, cans, you name it.

Hopefully , you all can join me and let us all conserve the earth

Hello and wish you all happy.
Semester break coming faster than you could say “assignment “. During this time I am  very sure most of the students will spend their time playing game , eating , and hibernate (sleep)  .This endless cycle will continue for the next semester break .But, maybe we can try something new, different and try change our angle of perspective .For this semester break I have done something  positive thing during mid semester break .

Well, I know we all always read , but only involve with the study for test stuff, how about we try something new and try feed our curiosity once in a while.During last semester break i start my holiday with reading a book,not very thin and not very thick .But for those, who beginners and struggling to read a book , I suggest try thin one .Start read a book and choose the book according to our interest .Sometimes , try visit library is not a bad idea .They does keep all kind books there. They is not the most up-date books and thing, but let’s face the reality, even start reading the old ones yet to start the foundation. So you all know by any standard you all got plenty catching up to do.

Hello everyone ,

There is so much grinding poverty in the world ,how could just one of us possibly make a difference? .The reason it seems so impossible is that we tend to focus on the immense number of people suffering from poverty and on how little we can do individually. So we give up trying.But there are two points to remember when we think about global problems:

  • Every action counts
  • We are not alone.
Taking action is like planting a seed,of course the big picture is important if you are part of an organization. But I find that looking at the big picture just gets me down and stops me from actually doing something about a global problem such as world hunger.Firstly we can start by saving and only eat when we hungry ,ask other friend to join this campaign the money that were save can be used to donate to those who needed.Every action is counts and can contributed to ease the world hunger .

Below are  factor that contributed to world hunger :

  • Poverty is the principal cause of hunger
  • Harmful economic systems are the principal cause of poverty and hunger.
  • Conflict as a cause of hunger and poverty.
  • Climate change 

Assalamualaikum and hopefully everyone can smile ,

As human, we need food. We can’t do without it. It’s one of our basic needs. As my high school biology teacher often emphasized, a typical human being needs food more than anything else, except of course oxygen, water and television. My memory of such important facts continues to amaze me. This definition maybe different for different prospective. While we eat more than we need , more than one billion people , approximately 1/6 of the world's population are hungry. And every day nearly 16,000 children die from hunger and related causes. 

World's hunger victim

We have the resources to feed the world. We just need the will.All parties must participate to contributed continues , support  via donation of human needs.This support also can been done by collecting fund to provides ready-to-use therapeutic food for a malnourished refugee child, therapeutic feeding kits, and each one helps feed five children. 
This includes survival kits and each has a blanket, mattress, kitchen set, stove and soap. For protection ,  all-weather tent to shelter a refugee family . nutrition survey kit, includes weighing scales (x5), height measuring board, haemocue machine and accessories (microcuvettes, lancet, etc.), and mid upper arm circumference tape.
Lastly , we all must  be grateful and always remember , the tragic incident that happen in Somalia   can also happen to us and always appreciate what we all have .We want to share this small wish with everyone .

Assalamualaikum...Hello everyone!!!!!
This new entry we will talk about Ramadhan again. Why most of us said Ramadhan as an excuse of tired, sleepy and laziness during on duty?. Actually, the problem is on the individual itself. He or she has low motivational and did not want to face the challenge in the Ramadhan. Truthfully, Ramadhan is not a burden for Muslim infact it helps to have better health, attitude and building patience in themselves.From health aspect, fasting can lower the blood pressure and can give our digestion system a break. From attitude aspect, fasting can increase the discipline and help making a better person.

Our actual challenge start from the beginning of the day , most of the student fell that "Sahur"  is not important and does not take it, this effect their performance of the day and when being ask why their are so tired and the answer is "i'm fasting " as an excuse.For us to maintain the energy for whole day, we take food that contain complex sugar such as oat and the simplest one is bread.

Most of us feel that the day move slowly,and to avoid from that feeling , we make ourself busy with assigments and also attending  classes.Moreover we can fill our time by pray and read Al -Quran.Sleeping habit for the whole day must be avoid because it is unhealthy .

Thank you for reading , see you next time.

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